Jaw dropping creatives
to impact customers.

An ensemble of creative solutions

M|Studio is an ensemble of creative solutions that aim to empower our clients by developing advert creativity, driving engagement and improving results. Our tech is built with a mission to simplify and automate creative work in mobile advertising.

Engaging ads

We make engaging ads! They evade banner blindness, evoke desire, and naturally increase the impluse to buy. All marketers claim to offer engaging ads, however for most companies, implementing such ads means overcoming many hurdles. We’re different. By providing an a vast array of innovative technologies – from high end-coders via drag and drop interfaces for designers, to simplified wizards for media professionals – we support our clients every step of the way. In turn, our clients save time and money, all whilst increasing customer engagement.

Full creative stack

We offer anything you need to run creative campaigns at scale, from editing / authoring tools, an ad serving platform to the analytics for each campaign. Our tags are officially certified across all major media outlets, ad servers, SSPs and exchanges. We support both mobile web and in-app that work across all major devices and OSs.

Creative Studio

A design interface in which you can utilize the full power of HTML5 to craft ads that are tailor made specifically for your brand. The best part? Get it done through our simple drag-and-drop interface.

Playable Ads

Enabling you to create, serve, and track playable ads is a tough tech challenge. Solving it actually forges and reflects the rest of the platform, from logical building blocks and user gestures to video control and many more features and capabilities.